We are a team…

…of masters level social workers, professional sonographers, teachers, and parents–from various faiths and backgrounds–who have a passion for sharing the gift of life and the beauty of the pre-born person with our youth. With the help of pregnant volunteers, this is made possible through live ultrasound technology.

Nikki Schaefer, MSW
Director, Speaker, and Musician

Nikki holds a masters’ in social work and is director of Heart of a Child Ministries. Nikki was a pro-life pregnancy counselor at Catholic Services and Birthright. She worked with abortion minded women and their families. Nikki is also an author. She has written many articles in various publications and is a writer for Aquinas Press. She has published, “Padre Pio and the Mass”, “Saints for Girls”, and “33 Days in Adoration” with Aquinas. Nikki and her husband Bernie, Vice President of Development at Spirit Catholic Radio, have 6 beautiful children.

Nikki’s sister, Bridget, was adopted when Nikki was nine years old. As a 40 year old woman, Bridget decided to find her birth parents. She was reunited with them 2 years ago and discovered that her birth father had been living just 10 minutes from her all along. He is now apart of her family and her girls call him “Grandpa Butch.” Hear her beautiful story of adoption, life and love.

Angelina Giles, MSN
Abortion Speaker and Educator

Angelina Giles earned her Doctorate in Nursing and she specializes in Family Medicine as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Sancta Familia Medical Apostolate. She practices with a holistic manner, in that she focuses on the health of the body, mind, and spirit of each patient. Angelina is well versed in the abortion pill and th Abortion Pill Rescue treatment protocol and has helped countless woman who have chosen to reverse the abortion pill they have taken, allowing them to choose LIFE.

Kristin New, MSW
Abortion Speaker

Kristen has a masters’ degree in social work, is a former atheist and counselor who worked in the abortion industry.  Through the prayers of one woman and through seeing a second trimester dismemberment abortion on ultrasound, Kristen left the abortion industry, became pro-life,  and was eventually converted to Christianity.   Kristen shares her powerful testimony focusing on God’s love and mercy and the fact that we are called to have this same love and mercy for all – for the abortion workers, for the women, for the men and for the children.

Corey Osborn
Abortion Speaker

Corey shares his powerful story of being influenced by pornography, getting pregnant with his high school girlfriend and choosing abortion for his preborn baby, then experiencing God’s love and mercy and healing power later in his life. Corey married his wife, Kristy, had three children, then had a vasectomy. Corey shares how through prayer, God showed him that this was not God’s plan for their marriage. The Osborn’s courageously had a vasectomy reversal, gave birth to another child, fostered seven children, adopted one and will be adopting another child this year. Corey shares his powerful life conversion story from his choice of abortion to his choice of openness to life, fostering and adoption. As a male, he is a wonderful speaker for the young men to hear. Young ladies also greatly appreciate hearing a male perspective.

Shannon Bingham
Adoption Speaker

Shannon is the current reigning Mrs. Nebraska International. After struggling with years of infertility, Shannon Bingham made the choice to adopt. She has a beautiful open adoption story where her whole family—grandparents included, and the birth mother’s whole family — grandparents included — were all present during Seth’s birth. Through Shannon’s journey of loss and hope you will see how God was there leading and guiding, both her and the birth mom, every step of the way.

Pro-Life Panel Discussions

Often times we pair up with other pro-life organizations to offer panel discussion.
Pictured left to right: Teresa Kenney and Angelina Giles of Sancta Familia, Nikki Schaefer of Heart of a Child Ministries, Michelle Witt of Essential Pregnancy Services, and Sarah Louise Peterson of Sidewalk Advocates.