We are a team…

…of masters level social workers, professional sonographers, teachers, and parents–from various faiths and backgrounds–who have a passion for sharing the gift of life and the beauty of the pre-born person with our youth. With the help of pregnant volunteers, this is made possible through live ultrasound technology.

Nikki Schaefer, MSW
Director, Speaker, and Musician

Nikki holds a masters’ in social work and art therapy and is the Founder and Executive Director of Heart of a Child Ministries. The ministry was inspired through her daughter Grace, when she was just seven years old, during a prayer experience on the Anniversary of Roe v Wade in 2012.

Prior to Heart of a Child Ministries, Nikki was a pro-life pregnancy counselor at Birthright Counseling in St. Louis and a family counselor in the Expectant Parenting Unit at Catholic Services providing individual counseling support and leading art therapy and parenting classes at the local maternity home. Nikki is also an author and illustrator and has written many articles in various homeschooling, parenting, and pro-life publications and is a freelance writer for Aquinas Press.

Nikki’s most important accomplishment is the work of her family. She and her husband, Bernie, Vice President of Development at Spirit Catholic Radio, are blessed to have six beautiful children, ages 8-24.


Angelina Giles, MSN
Abortion Speaker and Educator

Angelina Giles earned her Doctorate in Nursing and she specializes in Family Medicine as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Sancta Familia Medical Apostolate. She practices with a holistic manner, in that she focuses on the health of the body, mind, and spirit of each patient. Angelina is well versed in the abortion pill and th Abortion Pill Rescue treatment protocol and has helped countless woman who have chosen to reverse the abortion pill they have taken, allowing them to choose LIFE.

Pro-Life Panel Discussions

Often times we pair up with other pro-life organizations to offer panel discussion.
Pictured left to right: Teresa Kenney and Angelina Giles of Sancta Familia, Nikki Schaefer of Heart of a Child Ministries, Michelle Witt of Essential Pregnancy Services, and Sarah Louise Peterson of Sidewalk Advocates.

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