Changing The Heart of the Nation
by Showing the Heart of a Child

Live Ultrasound Presentations using our 4S Education Model™

Science, Scripture, Stories, and Service

Read how our ministry was inspired in prayer through the heart of a child.



WE NEED YOUR HELP to achieve our mission to
Change the Heart of the Nation
by Showing the Heart of a Child


Our Impact

Since we started our ministry in 2012, we have achieved the following:

Students Reached

Miles Traveled

Prayer Pillows Sold

When we receive all student evaluations back from middle and high school presentations, over 50% of students who defined themselves as pro-abortion experience a change of heart!


Many students have a very powerful conversion after participating in our presentations.
See what some of them had to say!

I would’ve defined myself as pro-choice before because I didn’t think that abortion was bad. But I now feel like I am pro-life because I mainly feel that it is wrong to OFF a baby in the womb since it has already taken apart of life already.

– middle school student

It was amazing to witness so many strong women representing true femininity and standing up for true women’s rights.

– high school student after panel discussion with representatives from seven pro-life organizations

When you see that ultrasound – when you see the baby growing, kicking, living inside the mother…it is EXTREMELY powerful and awe-inspiring. I encourage all of us to act on these emotions and be the change that we want to see.

– middle school student

I didn’t know how adoption worked before. Now I do. Someone can just choose adoption.

– middle school student

Kristen’s story was amazing and so inspiring. I had no idea that abortions were done that way.

– high school student

It showed how important all life is and it was very cool to see the ultrasound and how much meaning all life has.

– middle school student

Thank you for reminding me that that is a human being in the womb. I had forgotten.

– high school student

I learned that from the moment one is conceived until death they are a living thing even if they are the size of a speck.

– middle school student

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