Stretching Across the Globe

Why We Need Your Help

Hear from our founder, Nikki Schaefer, at 1st Annual Heartland Celebration of Life event.


What is our
Stretching Across the Globe Campaign?

Our goal is to raise $60,000 to support our annual budget as well as our expansion to offer a certification program to Pregnancy Help Organizations (PHOs) in the United States and abroad. You could say we are
S T R E T C H I N G Across the Globe!

Help us shine the light of truth and bring live ultrasound education across the country and beyond!

Certification Program

We are in the process of developing a certification program to support PHOs across the United States and the world to bring live ultrasound education to their communities.  This is a three-year program that provides the PHOs with the training and content to conduct their own pro-life presentations in the classroom with a live ultrasound, and our 4S Model of Education™!  We have 30 interested PHOs in the United States and 3 internationally!


A Few Of Our Interested PHOs

Missouri Right to Life
St. Louis, MO
Choose Life Idaho
Birthright Ghana
Ghana, Africa
Women’s Health Center
Spanish Lake, AL

Prefer to mail a check?

10506 Burt Circle  |  Omaha NE, 68114

Birthright Ghana

Founded in 2003, Birthright Ghana has been beating the odds in spreading the truth of life, saving thousands of babies, helped mothers have healthy pregnancies, and more!  When founding, they were told this wouldn’t work in Africa.  The idea of volunteering time or donating funds was not popular or common in their country.


Doris and her triplets

Teaching parents

Outreach in schools

A Few Statistics

In less than six months, the following was achieved by Birthright Ghana in 2023.



nursing mothers helped

babies born

courageous living

October Pro-Life Month Presentations

The schools and parishes to whom we will present during October Pro-Life Month will adopt Birthright Ghana as their pro-life service project recipient.  Each school or parish will choose which service project to complete. They will be raising funds and gathering supplies to ship to Birthright Ghana!

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