Build A Foundation For Life Campaign

Build a Foundation for Life Campaign

Heart of a Child Ministries™ provides age-appropriate, live-ultrasound presentations for grades K-3rd, 4th-6th, and middle/high school students. To continue to provide these heart-changing, life-saving presentations, we invite you to join us in building our fiscal foundation.

Join us in changing the heart of the nation by showing the heart of the child!

Fund Options

“Building a Foundation for Life” means establishing on-going charitable support that help to sustain and grow our ministry. This means funding our on-going operating costs, helping us plan and expand to share our mission of life around the country and the world, and building a fund to support schools and organizations that want to participate in our presentations or certification program but do not have the funding to do so. You may select which fund is the right fit for you! We want you to feel empowered to support our ministry in the way that is most meaningful to you. And, we invite you to consider this as an on-going gift.

Sustaining Grace Fund

Ensures continuous operational support for our ministry

Abundant Growth Fund

Supports the expansion of our impactful programs and initiatives

Joyful Gift Fund

Enables us to extend our reach to underserved schools and communities

Campaign Celebration

Help us celebrate the success of our “Build a Foundation for Life Campaign” and kick off the school year presentation season!

Saturday, August 3
6:30-9:00 PM

Carney Party Barn

Food, drinks, music, ministry update, speakers, and fun!


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